Monday, February 15, 2016

Mobile Friendly DarwiNet

As we prep to launch the newly revamped DarwiNet Manager and Employee Self Service product, I wanted to point out how the site renders nicely on Mobile sites.

Instead of having "Desktop" and "Mobile" sites, DarwiNet renders by detecting the device, keeping a seamless experience for the user across all devices.

You can compare the Dashboard across a desktop, tablet and phone below.




As you can see, the website automatically re-orders and re-sizes logically based on the device that is being used, but maintains a consistent User Experience (UX).

This modern UX will allow clients and employees to submit time, approve PTO, approve Invoices, review pay stubs etc without having to learn different websites or Apps depending on what device they are using.  When they move from a laptop to a phone, it is the same experience.

The same holds true for the more graphical features in the new UX.  The Insight and ACA dashboards provide quick overview and detailed analysis of various areas of the PEO/ASO and Clients.  Once again,  a similar experience across devices:



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